Grupo de Punk-rock de Valencia


OVAM (Os vamos a matar) is a Spanish punk-rock band from Valencia. We have recorded four albums since 1996. You can find all of them on this website. Despite we are not well-known we have performed with another important Spanish bands as Mamá Ladilla, Obús, Gatillazo or Skaparrapid. Furthermore, we were one of the first Spanish bands on publishing own four records on the internet.

Our music can be rather similar to other Spanish bands as Reincidentes, La Polla, El Ultimo ke zierre, etc,… Moreover, if you are not keen on Spanish music, we have other influences as Sex Pistols, The Clash, Dead Kennedys, Buzzcoks, etc,…  but, actually, our sound can be different to other bands.

You can listen to our music on Spotity, or by direct download on this website. Besides, you can send us an email to our mail address

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Todo puede ir peor

It was recorded in 2012 in Valencia.

You can find 17 songs in this record. 

La suerte está echada

Recorded in 2004 in Quart de Poblet.

It  was our third record. You can find 9 songs in it.

Se sientan cinco

Recorded in 2000 in Quart de Poblet.

It  was our second record. You can find 7 songs in it. Some of them won some award in that time. 


You can send an email to 

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